ITA School of Performing Arts, Mumbai

ITA School of Performing Arts, Mumbai

 Welcome to India's ultimate school of performing arts... Here, at last, is a state-of-the-art institution where, under the same roof, renowned Indian masters of various performing arts impart training in streams of -acting, dancing, singing, modelling & personality enhancement.

The institute is guided and managed by some of the most credible names in the Indian entertainment industry. Acting course includes 'Improvisation in Acting', 'Diction Speech in Acting', 'Method Acting', 'Stanislavski method in Acting', 'Movement in Acting', 'Quick learning in Acting' and 'Making of an Actor'.

The Dance course will include all the aspects of dancing forms that combine to create the fascinating world of the Bollywood dance. Indian Modern Dance(freestyle Bollywood) , Indian semi-classical, Bhangra,

Hip Hop, Locking and Popping, Breakdancing, Jazz, Street Jazz, Latin American forms, Broadway. The Singing course will take the student through various stages of learning singing & Music, such as... 

A seat of learning music with respect to 'Play-back singing’, Traditional Styles, Light Classical (Thumri, Ghazal etc), Western, Sufi/Devotional, Folk, Stage Performance, Studio Recording, etc. 

Personality Enhancement:
Self Awareness;
Mental and Emotional Fitness,
Power of the Subconscious Mind;
Self Esteem & Confidence;
Behaviour Patterns;
Understanding Emotions;
Anger Management;
Handling People;
Communication Skills;
Body Language;